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In this video join multidimensional channels Julia Stubbe and David Starr as they give you a little preview of what to look forward to in the upcoming Multidimensional Crystal Journey happening Wednesday November 25th 2020.
Our Light body is slowly built through our spiritual expansion, but can be accelerated by using conscious spiritual techniques.
During this journey, we will travel through our Divine Heart, with our third eye, and the power of group merging. The group merging makes it easier to journey to the celestial realms or different dimensions.
When we connect with celestial energy we activate our quantum DNA, through light coding transmissions. These transmissions advance our expansion and ascension. When journeying to multiple dimensions you can expect to experience other realities, engage with celestial beings, receive healings, activations, and channel energy and information through your body into this reality. It is truly magical.
Assisted by the Crystal Beings from multi-dimensions, Julia and David will guide you on a powerful journey through the sacred chambers of the Divine Heart, assisting you in releasing traumas and restricting beliefs accumulated throughout your many lifetimes. We will be accessing source codes for ourselves and the collective for manifestation, abundance, converting dense energies into creation, golden and healing light. In addition, we will be merging with our optimal timelines, receiving activations, accessing a deeper consciousness for ourselves and the collective.
November 25th, 2020 David Starr and Julia Stubbe come with us to the crystal dimension. Crystal beings of the highest vibration will assist all on this day working through Julia and myself to activate ancient DNA, raising vibrations. Both Julia and David have shared past lives in Atlantis in the Arcturian system and we will be bringing some amazing combined synergies of great ancient higher dimensional vibrations & knowledge to assist and benefit all that attend.
Multidimensional Crystal Journey