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How to Cook Restaurant Style Egg Fried Rice | Easy Fried Rice Recipe

Fried rice is a common delicious food,I believe many people have tried it before.So, how to cook delicious fried rice?
Today we introduce one of the most popular style in China-Yangzhou fried rice,It is very famous and has a long history.
Usually, the best-fried rice is always made from leftover rice,So, first, we need to prepare a cold white rice, about 500g.If you use freshly cooked white rice,You need to cool it for about 30 minutes at room temperature, Then put it in the refrigerator for 3-4 hours.
Because it makes it easier to make fried rice, and it comes out better.
We take 100 grams of fresh shrimp meat, Add 10 ml of Huangjiu, soak for 10 minutes,50 grams of ham, diced,Place it in a bowl and set it aside.Wash 20 grams of shiitake mushrooms,Chop the shiitake mushrooms and put them in a bowl.Prepare 50 grams of fresh peas that have been shelled, And clean it.10 grams of green onions, chopped, set it aside in a bowl,Take an egg, add it to the bowl and mix them well.Next we have to fry the shrimp meat first,Turn on the gas stove, add 10 ml of cooking oil to the pot,When the oil is about 30{2871db76cdd20f364ab62370faa522c337308232044238e336dcb36158d10836} hot, add the shrimp,Stir fry over medium heat,In order to prevent the water in the shrimp from flowing out quickly, because it will burst due to high heat.When the shrimp is fried until the surface turns yellow,You can put the shrimps in a bowl and set aside. Then start frying peas and mushrooms add 10 ml of cooking oil,When the oil temperature is 30{2871db76cdd20f364ab62370faa522c337308232044238e336dcb36158d10836} hot,Add peas and shiitake mushrooms.Stir fry evenly, add 10 ml of Dark Soy sauce to season and color,Then stir fry for 3 minutes,Then put it in the bowl and set aside,Then add 30ml of cooking oil to the pot,When the oil is about 50{2871db76cdd20f364ab62370faa522c337308232044238e336dcb36158d10836} hot, add eggs,When the egg is solidified,We are going to chop the egg in the pan to make it as small as the rice grain,Add white rice after chopping,We turn the heat up and stir it constantly,Break down any large pieces during the frying process,Then fry them together for about 3-5 minutes,Add the fried peas and shiitake mushrooms, stir fry a few times,Add 2g white sugar, 2g table salt and 10ml light soy sauce, stir fry evenly,Add diced ham, let’s stir fry for one minute,Add the fried shrimp and continue to stir for one minute,The final procedure is to sprinkle chopped green onion, stir fry evenly, Then the fried rice is served on the plate, you can enjoy it now!

Fried rice is very easy to cook.And you can adjust the taste in a thousand different ways, Once you have mastered the skill of cooking it, You can easily make restaurant-style fried rice at home, The rice is full and chewy and soft, It is delicious, making one’s mouth water.


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