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Emma Watson hits the red carpet in a chic cut-out dress. We all know very few women can pull off this adorable boyish haircut and make it look oh-so-elegant. With only three select pieces to this outfit, Emma teaches us that “simple” can really make a statement. As the saying goes- less is more.

The neutral hues of this cutout dress draw attention to Emma Watson’s light and glowing skin tone. What makes this particular outfit unique is the symmetrical nature and use of lines to create curves. The deep V in Emma Watson’s dress draws attention to her dainty waistline.

She accessorizes with an embellished gold bangle, adding a sweet and romantic touch to the dress. And what a surprise- NUDE HEELS! This color and type of shoe is the ultimate celebrity favorite, and since we have seen these gorgeous pumps many times already, why not add them to this very stylish look!

Emma Watson, you are a classic beauty, and we LOVE your style!

What are your impressions of this outfit? Leave a comment below!

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URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pQ6C9BKxY-s