Darling Gails Electro Pop music Hit Gains Popularity

Darling Gails blend house pop, EDM rap, and techno beats, creating infectious and eclectic music. Dive into the visual and auditory experience of “Blow The System” and discover why they’re rising …

Buy Louis Lazzara’s Makeup Art from Horror Classics

Explore an art collection for sale.  Step into the captivating world where Hollywood glamour meets abstract artistry in our exclusive video presentation, “Celebrating Hollywood Legacy”. #artforsale #investinart #buyart #investmentart #artadvisor #collector …

A Nostalgic Escape in Satish’s New Video

In the ever-evolving world of music, it’s not just the sounds but the visuals that capture the essence of a song. #livemusic #happy #musicvideo #trap #live #style #photooftheday #youtube #instamusic #musicproducer …

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Rockstar Don Dokken shares his personal, true ghost story in his own words on AshockInTheDark!
after experiencing his own paranormal trauma as a child, and then again in 2021, the man simply known as “The Narrator” began recording an audio diary of the haunting at his apartment in Hollywood California. This audio diary became the first season of a series of true paranormal activity videos on youtube. Season 2 features an interview with a family who was tortured for years by a demonic presence. That haunting was investigated by every major paranormal investigator of the time including Ed and Lorraine Warren of The Conjuring fame.
now the narrator tells true stories of hauntings, alien abductions, demonic attacks, Ouija boards gone wrong, cryptids and more. Sometimes a celebrity fan of a shock in the dark will volunteer their own true experience! People like Don Dokken, The Biker in Black Rick Thorne and punk and rock icon Billy Idol!
currently the narrator is on a road trip across the United States visiting the location of the paranormal events described in the letters sent by subscribers.
new episodes post every Friday at 8p.m. Eastern/5 Pacific on YouTube. Search for @ashockinthedark for true, unsolved, mystical, unexplained mysteries!

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