From Vlogger to Mogul: The Richest YouTubers

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Recently released I’m a boi a Boi by G da Monsta

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New music out now Miami Heist

#westcoastrap #rap #hiphop #newmusic #westcoast #azhiphop #music G da Monsta, Gator J, and B.C. da Great team up for the high-energy Southwest rap track “Miami Heist.” This underground rap banger is …

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ONPASSIVE is a high tech informational technology (IT) artificial intelligence (AI) company.
The Movement & Our Vision
ONPASSIVE is the ultimate, complete and unique, digital marketing platform that ensures everyone succeeds, regardless of their backgrounds or ability, by offering the simplest environment with the highest standards and the most value, while sustaining the benefits of a global stimulus plan.
The 4 Pillars of ONPASSIVE
1. Tools: complete digital system
2. Automation (AI)
3. Traffic: targeted, qualified
4. Reseller: partners,residual income, and helping people around the world.
The Vision
A business with marketing predictability to ensure profitability before collecting one dime.
Built on the new paradigm, using principles of cooperation and mutual benefit. A business to improve lives. To provide better methods of handling life and it’s daily routine. Allows us to rise to a higher level of caring, loving, and giving. Improvement every day. Never look back and say, we should have done this better. Nothing like us has ever existed before as a single entity under one roof. Created for the Founder and to impact humanity for greater global good. This is our life’s journey. We have fun but it needs to be taken seriously.
The Ecosystem
Total internet solution/smart business solution. Partners, applications, providers, and customers.
Everything needed to start, maintain, and build businesses under one roof. Supported by four technological pillars of automation, tools, traffic, and residual income.
Technological and Automation
1. AI Artificial Intelligence for use with it’s own products and services.
2. Products are fresh, superior, and inexpensive.
3. Developed 100{2871db76cdd20f364ab62370faa522c337308232044238e336dcb36158d10836} from scratch
4. If we were making wooden derby cars for scouts, it means we grew the trees.
5. Targeted traffic for customer markets.
6. Guarantee traffic, beginning level two of the compensation plan.
7. From multiple sources; paid, in house, and organic.
8. Paid for by ONPASSIVE thru the various subscriptions levels purchased by our members.
Marketing Campaigns
a. Invite secondary Founders placed primary Founders teams.
b. Marketing campaigns

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