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Ever been called shorty?
Been denied job opportunities, just because your were too short?
Rejected by your prospective suitors, just because of your height?
Disrespected by your peers, just because you arent at their level?
Or more embarrassingly, been told by the theatre staff, This movie is not for kids!
Lets Admit it. Happiness And Height Cant Be Separated.

Let me introduce myself, Im Dr. Darwin Smith and Ive been married to my beloved wife for the past 4 years. It all started when I noticed tear droplets roll down my wifes face, just after our honeymoon! What in the world could be wrong, I asked myself. When I finally got the courage to approach my wife, she literally broke down in tears!

She asked me, Honey, do you think Im just too short?
Before I could answer, she continued, The whole world thinks that Im too short, so dont lie to me!
I was left speechless.

When she recovered, she told me that her ex-husband had divorced her, just because he told her that, she was too short, at 5’3″!! I could only stutter back in reply, that he was too immature for her…

She went on to tell me, Ive been called shorty all my life, and even my FRIENDS make jokes about my height, behind my back.

Cheering up a bit after I consoled her, she told me that during her college days, shed even been denied entry by the theatre staff from watching A rated movies because they thought, she was underage!

…..The vows that Id just taken, To be at my wifes side in times of hardship and sorrow, started to engulf my emotions. It was then, as I watched the Hawaiian sunset, I took a new vow, I would discover the secret to growing taller, regardless of the persons age.


It only took a few years of dedicated research and my then 26 year old wife, was able to increase her height from 5’3″ to 5’6″. Fast forwarding it to today, your probably asking yourself the same question that had left my wife speechless and puzzled, in just 6 weeks!

“HOW ?!?”

After all, the so-called experts have always told us that people only grow until the end of their teen age years. How then could he possibly increase his 28 year old wifes height by 3 inches?


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