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The title of this video is “Best Place to Meet Women in New York City,” and with a name like that a person might start out by assuming it answered a question about dating tips or where to pick up girls. With a length of less than one minute, the production would not be expected to expound in great detail about places in New York that have been found to be likely sites for meeting eligible ladies. Surprisingly, we found ourselves viewing it a second time, not only for another listen to the jazzy music track but also for one more glance at several very attractive young women, presumably models whose pictures are available from stock photo agencies.

What we ultimately realized was that this video supports the tried and true adage about what makes a successful production, “leave them wanting more.” Although it does tell us, in a sultry female voice, a list of several locations that are not the best place to meet women in New York City, what it eventually reveals comes as a bit of a surprise. We pondered whether we should act as a spoiler and spill the beans but ultimately decided that to do so would lessen the impact that the producer of this very short subject intended to leave with the viewer about places in the Big Apple that are good for meeting women. Suffice it to say that the ideal place to go for the purpose of meeting women is not at the gym, not at school and not in the park either.

When we searched YouTube we did not find a long list of videos on the topic of where to meet women anywhere, let alone in New York. Among those we viewed, this was neither the best nor the worst. It would be fair to rank it towards the top, as its production value is adequate but not lavish, and at least it does not waste very much of our time. “Best Place to Meet Women in New York City” might never win an award, but it is provocative. And how can we meet the woman whose alluring voice narrates it?