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In the current real estate market here in Southern California there seems to be 10 buyers for every home that is listed for sale. Within an hour or two of adding a standard listing to the Multiple Listing Service, a listing agent can have multiple offers on a property that are truly sight unseen. This is even more so the case for a short sale listing as they tend to attract the attention of your occupying buyers in as well as the large and growing pool of real estate investors submitting less than asking price, all cash offers. This couldn’t be any more the case in Temecula, CA, a well populated commuter tow in the south west corner of Riverside County.
With short sale listings attracting droves of buyers, you have t ask yourself, how do the occupants of these short sale properties feel about all of this traffic? When you consider that they do not benefit from the from the sales price being driven up by the multiple bids, the many would be buyers invade their privacy on a daily basis, and the sign placed out in front of their home invite questions from the neighbor about the circumstances concerning the sale of the home. The bottom line is this; the typical short sale transaction is highly intrusive, embarrassing and frustrating to most candidates.
While a short sale can go a long way to limit the financial damage a home owner stands to incur when compared to a foreclosure, it would be a much easier choice to make the short sale didn’t completely disrupt the lives of the home owner. This begs the question; what can be done to have the home owner reap the benefit of the short sale and preserve some measure of privacy at the same time?
It would seem that a Realtor in Temecula has come up with the solution to this problem. This new short sale has been called the silent short sale. The silent short sale includes all the benefits of a traditional short sale including settled mortgage balances on all loans attached to the property, settling all tax liens and HOA liens, providing relocation funds to qualified home owners in addition to limiting the overall impact on your credit. In addition it has dramatically reduced the foot traffic in the home and done away with the yard sign in front of the home that send a signal to the home owners neighbors, friends and family that they can no longer afford to stay in their home.
The first order of business for the silent short sale Realtor is to negotiate with the lender to leave the listing off of MLS. If this authorization is granted, the Realtor uses back channels to market the property such youtube, craigslist and email campaigns.
Next the Realtor will avoid placing a sign in front of the property. This will help to limit the neighbor’s knowledge of the difficult circumstances that the homeowner is enduring.
Another aspect of the silent short sale is that the home owner can choose to forgo open houses. This will allow the home owner to enjoy weekends in their home, without the disruption nosey neighbors and unqualified buyers looking through all the bedrooms, closets and cupboards.
The silent short sale transaction seems to represent the evolution of the short sale. It marries the financial and credit benefits of the transaction along with the comfort and the customer service that home owners have come to expect when choosing a Realtor to assist them in the sale of real estate.

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