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Recently released I’m a boi a Boi by G da Monsta

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New music out now Miami Heist

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Riverside roofing contractors may appear to be all the same to some people. But I would have to wager that that’s only for those who are not roof shopping.
I consider myself to be a pretty savvy shopper. I’m the guy who drives an extra couple miles for cheaper gas. I wait for sales on bigger purchases. I even clip the occasional grocery coupon.
So, when it came time to replace our roof. I did my research.
Step 1 – Get on Google & look for Riverside Roofers … check!
Step 2 – Find a couple roofers with decent looking sites … check!
Step 3 – Do a Google search on them to check out their reviews … check!
Step 4 – Get them to come give me bids … check!
Step 5 – Pause…gasp…breath…roofing is not cheap! But, I suppose it’s cheaper than flooding my house! By the way, I really appreciated the advice given to me by Riverside Roofing. They explained exactly what they do, how they do it, why they do it the way they do, etc. They also helped me understand the different types of roofing materials & the differences between suppliers. I really appreciated the time they took with me. Especially as it compared to short appointments that the other bidders rushed through. Incidentally, Riverside Roofing was the only roofer that showed up on time out of 3 providers that I called. Wow! You know if they can’t show up on time to the first appointment, it makes me wonder if they could finish the job on time! Anyway, This part of the experience had a significant impact on my decision.
Step 6 – Check them out with the California Contractor’s Licensing Board … check!
Step 7 – Contracted the job … check!
Step 8 – Looking forward to getting this done. They’ll be here next week to get started. I read that a lot of people see wide differences in pricing for roofing bids. Mine… out of 3 bids were all within a few thousand dollars. From what I’ve read, this seems like it’s unusual. But I do understand that different companies have different costs, different margins, etc. Anyway. I can’t wait to have this done
Step 9 – OK, so they finished this evening & I have to say, they did a beautiful job! It seems so funny to say that about a roof, but after spending your hard earned money on something (and researching it for a good deal of time), so start to notice it. Not unlike buying a new car & suddenly feeling like you see it everywhere. Anyway, I have to say that I am happy to have found Riverside Roofing & would heartily recommend their services!